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19/05/2017 Congresses | Green Conference Circular Economy: “Creating Value”

Congresses | Green Conference Circular Economy: “Creating Value”	 


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Watch live and on demand the Green Conference Circular Economy: “Creating Value” to be held in Thessaloniki on 19th of May 2017.

The challenges of our time provide great opportunities to change, innovate, and achieve growth sustainably by employing appropriate technologies and management concepts ultimately leading to Circular Economies.

The South East Europe Circular Economy Conference will examine how businesses are transforming product lifecycles and organizational infrastructure to become more sustainable, with a dual focus on environmental responsibility and commercial value.

The conference, aims to bring together likeminded professionals, academia and businesses to showcase, demonstrate and share knowledge on the latest advancements in the application of Circular Economy concepts, the practical means of tackling global economic and technological challenges of energy transition policies towards 100% renewable energy systems, sustainable resource management including water, sanitation and integrated waste management strategies, paying special attention to the sustainable business aspect of the initiatives.


  • Circular Economy and Mining - Industrial Waste Management
  • Good Practices in Circular Economy
  • Towards a sustainable Energy Policy for a zero waste society
  • Energy Efficiency in Residential Building


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