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26/02/2018 Congresses | 19th International Congress on Advances in Cardiac Ultrasound

Congresses | 19th International Congress on Advances in Cardiac Ultrasound  


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Don't miss a session from the 19th International Congress on Advances in Cardiac Ultrasound!
 Watch live and on demand directly from the Venue in Davos, Switzerland 26-28 February  - 1 March 2018.



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Course Information

This traditional postgraduate course will concentrate on the latest advances in cardiac ultrasound. It will highlight the new
technological developments, such as 3D echocardiography and deformation imaging. There will be a strong focus on
echocardiographic solutions for common and rare clinical problems.
Specifically, heart valve disease and cardiomyopathies and heart failure will be discussed, with emphasis on improved
quantification of aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation. Also, the pivotal clinical role of the modern echocardiographer, particularly in the emergency room and the cardiac catheterization laboratory, will be addressed. 
An important highlight is the interactive discussions between participants and the international faculty. 

J.J. Bax (Leiden, NL)
P. Nihoyannopoulos (London, UK)

Course Highlights

• Strain and deformation imaging
• Systolic and diastolic ventricular function
• Percutaneous approach for aortic and mitral valve disease
• Quantification of severity of valve disease
• Evaluating heart failure and preserved EF (HFPEF)
• How to approach the different Cardiomyopathies
• The echocardiographer in the catheter lab
• Echo in emergency room
• Advances in contrast echo
• Stress echo in valve disease
• Assessing complications of percutaneous interventions
• Echocardiographic evaluation of chest pain
• Focus on 3D echo

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