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27/06/2018 Congresses | 10th London International Cough Symposium 2018

Congresses | 10th London International Cough Symposium 2018  


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This series of  International Symposia on Cough was initiated by the late Professor John  Widdicombe in 1999. The 10th International Cough Symposium will  gather clinicians and scientists for a review and discussion of the latest research findings and evolving ideas regarding the importance of cough in clinical disease, the latest thoughts on pathophysiological mechanisms, on current and future treatments of cough.

The Tenth Symposium will focus on the advances in our clinical understanding of chronic cough, the importance of the hypersensitive cough state in disease, and the most recent developments in new targets for controlling cough and cough suppressive therapies. The Symposium 
will include state-of–the-art lectures, round-table discussions and poster presentations by an International Faculty. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with the International faculty of clinicians and scientists during the breaks and lunch. There is an opportunity
 for researchers and clinicians to present work in the form of posters that will be discussed during plenary sessions. 


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