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25/05/2020 Congresses | Healthworld 2020 series one-to-one discussion I "Present and Future of Coronavirus Pandemic"

Congresses | Healthworld 2020 series one-to-one discussion I  


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The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce opens the discussion on vital healthcare policy issues for the next day by organizing limited and highly focused added-value digital discussions, under the umbrella of the annual HealthWorld conference, scheduled to take place September 15-16, 2020 in a hybrid mode with limited physical presence and extended virtual participation. The economic impact of the crisis in the National Healthcare System, the necessary reforms for functionality and effectiveness, sustainability issues, healthcare spending adjustment, the role of technology and the digitization of hospitals are among the topics of these discussions. The program of the meetings will be enriched until the day of the conference.

The 1st one-to-one Discussion, with Dr. George Pavlakis* and Professor Athanassios Skoutelis will assess the progress of vaccination technologies and the scientific response to the pandemic in Greece and worldwide.

PROGRAM | Healthworld 2020 series | one-to-one discussion I
Present and Future of Coronavirus Pandemic | Μonday, May 25 | 17.00 – 18.30 hours

Dr. George Pavlakis *, Chief, Human Retrovirus Section, Vaccine Branch, Center for Cancer Research National Cancer Institute, ΗΠΑ
*Dr. G. Pavlakis opinions are strictly personal and do not reflect the policies or opinions of DHHS or USA Government
Dr. George Pavlakis CV

Professor Athanasios Skoutelis, Internist-Infection Disease Specialist and Director of the 2nd Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases Department at Hygeia Hospital
Professor Athanasios Skoutelis CV

Natassa Spagadorou, Health Correspondent, CNN Greece


For the Program (pdf) please click here.

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