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29/03/2019 Congresses | Video | 6th Official Pre ESH Congress Satellite Symposium | C. Savopoulos | Transient ischemic attack


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19.30-20.45 Part IV: Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease: The dos and don’ts in
a hypertensive patient with:
Chairmen: A. Hatzitolios (GR), Th. Makris (GR), P. Zebekakis (GR)
19.31-19.39 Acute ischemic stroke
P. Guimarães Cunha (PT)
19.40-19.48 Transient ischemic attack
C. Savopoulos (GR)
19.49-20.07 Acute intracerebral haemorrhage
E. Manios (GR)
20.08-20.16 Cognitive dysfunction and dementia
A. Coca (ES)
20.17-20.25 Hypertension and dysautonomia
Y. Sharabi (IL)
20.26-20.35 Panelists: A. Pittaras (GR), E. Koromboki (GR), S. Sideris (GR), F. Lagiou (GR),
S. Sokolovic (BA)
20.35-20.45 Discussion with the audience

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Watch live and on demand the 6th Official Pre ESH Congress Satellite Symposium, entitled ''Update on Difficult to Control Hypertension and Related co Morbidities'' of European Society of Hypertension (ESH), which will take place on 29 – 30 March 2019, in Athens, in Benaki' s Museum.


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