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30/06/2020 Congresses | Video | The New Landscape in Retail Markets: How Covid-19 Affects the Supply Chain, Retail Sales and Consumer Behavior. | The New Landscape in Retail Markets: How Covid-19 Affects the Supply Chain


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Covid-19 has significantly affected the retail sector. It is a common finding that crisis management measures, in parallel with the increased use of communication technologies, are creating a new landscape in consumer behavior and habits, new trends in the retail sector and the operation of the supply chain. These new dimensions establish a new environment, a part which will exist after the pandemic crisis. Adapting our economy to this environment and to future global developments through the implementation of new policies will ensure a sustainable environment in the retail industry.

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce is initiating a discussion on the retail sector’s role in the country's future economic development. How is the new economic environment shaped after the pandemic and what are the emerging benefits from the Covid-19 crisis? What is the role of the technology and education in the context of a new model responding to modern consumer trends? What are the global trends and how can companies adjust quickly and efficiently? What should be the role of the state, which obstacles should be overcome and what structural changes should be made?

Roundtable Discussion will be held in Greek language



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