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25/06/2020 Congresses | WIB Forum Series| Resilient Overcomers: Redefining Normal

Congresses | WIB Forum Series| Resilient Overcomers: Redefining Normal  


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Thriving in the new normal | Steps and strategies for becoming resilient overcomers

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has impacted and reshaped society, acting as an accelerator for personal and organizational growth. Almost everyone has gone through peaks and valleys. A sense of awe and fragility paired with uncertainty are transforming us. We have all paused and reflected as we are navigating in new uncharted territories. To adapt to these changes, we have all introspected on how to become effective leaders not only in our work but in our everyday life. How to address personal and collective needs and challenges. How to help colleagues, friends and fellow citizens to avoid the slippery slope of negative emotions: confusion, disengagement, withdrawal and depression.

AmChamGR’s Women in Business (WIB) Committee is initiating a discussion on overcoming barriers during these unprecedented times. Join us to hear perspectives from our speakers on how leadership, empathy, resilience, courage, flexibility and collective contribution will steer us to survive and thrive in the new redefined normal.



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